Positive M2 Money Supply Spurs Optimism in Bitcoin Market

Positive M2 Money Supply Spurs Optimism in Bitcoin Market

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Key Insights:

  • M2 money supply turns positive, sparking optimism in Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and fueling a potential market recovery.
  • Arthur Hayes predicts a slow but steady rise in Bitcoin value, driven by increased liquidity from the Federal Reserve’s quantitative tightening adjustments.
  • As Bitcoin shows signs of rebounding, analysts suggest the real bull market might still be on the horizon, with strategic investments anticipated.

Recent developments in the U.S. financial indicators have sparked a renewed interest in Bitcoin among traders and investors. The M2 money supply, which measures cash and checking deposits along with savings and other money market securities, has turned positive year-over-year for the first time since November 2022. This change is viewed by many in the cryptocurrency sector as a potential sign of incoming inflation, prompting a shift towards assets like Bitcoin, traditionally seen as a hedge against inflation.

Data from financial analysis firms suggests that despite a significant sell-off in Bitcoin, which saw a price drop of 9.75% over the last 30 days, the conditions may be aligning for a rebound. According to CoinMarketCap, at the time of reporting, Bitcoin was trading at $59,586, with signs of recovery as investors begin to interpret the M2 shift as bullish.

Market Reactions and Analyst Predictions

The reaction to the M2 money supply’s positive turn has been met with optimism on social platforms, where influencers and traders have shared their perspectives. Notably, Oliver L. Velez, a professional trader and financial author, urged his followers to prepare for a bullish phase in Bitcoin. His sentiment was echoed by the crypto trading account InvestAnswers, which predicted an imminent surge in Bitcoin’s value.

Meanwhile, Arthur Hayes, former CEO of BitMEX, expressed his analysis based on recent market downturns. He attributed the Bitcoin price correction to various factors, including the U.S. tax season and speculations around Federal Reserve policies. Despite these setbacks, Hayes forecasted a gradual upward movement in Bitcoin prices, supported by what he describes as “stealth money printing” from ongoing adjustments in federal monetary policies.

Federal Reserve Policies and Their Role

The Federal Reserve’s recent maneuvers in quantitative tightening (QT) have also played a crucial role in shaping market expectations. By reducing the rate of QT, the Fed is effectively increasing the liquidity in the market, a move that many analysts believe could bolster high-risk assets like cryptocurrencies. The expected increase in dollar liquidity from both the Fed’s policies and U.S. Treasury’s debt issuance plans is anticipated to cushion negative price movements and support a slow, yet steady, price increase for Bitcoin.


Arthur Hayes pointed out that reducing QT from $95 billion to $60 billion per month would give the market an infusion of approximately $35 billion per month in dollar liquidity. This strategic injection is likely to dampen negative volatility and set the stage for a slow upward grind in crypto markets.

Outlook on Crypto Market Trends

As Bitcoin shows signs of recovery, the broader crypto market remains cautiously optimistic. Historical data suggests that Bitcoin may move sideways for several months following significant events such as the halving, after which it typically begins a more pronounced recovery. Analysts from MatrixPort and Vailshire Capital Management have supported this view, suggesting that the real bull market for Bitcoin might still need to start.

While the market navigates through these speculative phases, Bitcoin’s slight recovery on the day, trading up 4.2% at $59,804, suggests that investor sentiment is improving. With the increased liquidity provided by federal policies and the positive shift in M2 money supply, Bitcoin might be gearing up for a more resilient performance in the coming months.

The interplay between federal monetary policies, shifts in economic indicators like the M2 money supply, and market sentiment is shaping a complex but cautiously optimistic outlook for Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market.

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