Explore How Merlin Chain Enhances Bitcoin With Layer 2 Tech

Explore How Merlin Chain Enhances Bitcoin With Layer 2 Tech

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Despite the proliferation of numerous blockchain networks, Bitcoin retains a unique appeal as the inaugural cryptocurrency. Yet, in terms of functionalities like Dapp development, scalability, and efficiency, Bitcoin appears somewhat antiquated. Merlin Chain emerges as a Layer 2 cryptocurrency initiative aimed at resolving these inefficiencies within Bitcoin.

This guide provides an in-depth examination for those interested in understanding the operational mechanics of the Merlin Chain Layer 2 project and its enhancements to the Bitcoin blockchain.

What is Merlin Chain?

Merlin Chain is a Layer 2 application designed to enhance the scalability of the Bitcoin ecosystem. This enhancement is achieved through the use of zero-knowledge rollups, or ZK-rollups. Additionally, Merlin Chain integrates a fraud-proof on-chain mechanism along with a segregated Oracle network. These technologies bolster transaction reliability, thereby decreasing gas costs and enhancing transaction speed. Furthermore, Merlin Chain facilitates the utilization of external data and smart contracts derived from the Bitcoin Layer 1 network.

Merlin Chain distinguishes itself by diverging from the prevalent trend of emulating the Ethereum network, yet it maintains compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This unique approach not only supports existing Ethereum-based applications but also encourages innovation within the Bitcoin infrastructure.

Main Features of Merlin Chain

Merlin Chain introduces several distinct features, positioning it as a pioneering technology in its field. Key features include:


Zero Knowledge (ZK) Rollup: The ZK rollup technology employed by Merlin Chain not only reduces gas fees and accelerates transactions but also alleviates congestion within the blockchain network. This is accomplished through specific methods wherein Merlin Chain processes and verifies data on the Layer 2 network while recording transaction proofs on the Layer 1 network, thereby enhancing security and accountability.

Fraud-proof Mechanism: Merlin Chain incorporates robust fraud-proof mechanisms that re-verify transaction proofs previously authenticated by ZK-rollup, thus minimizing the likelihood of errors and significantly enhancing data precision across the network.

Segregated Oracle Network: Utilizing a Decentralized Oracle Network (DON), Merlin Chain accesses external data sources. This capability enables Merlin Chain to integrate Web3 smart contracts, providing essential data for processing faster transactions within the Merlin Chain network.

How Merlin Chain Functions

Merlin Chain operates by implementing ZK-rollup technology to enhance connectivity between the primary Bitcoin network (layer-1) and its second layer. It also integrates seamlessly with EVM-compatible decentralized applications (dApps).

ZK-rollup technology not only ensures the accuracy of transactions but also accelerates them. Merlin Chain facilitates the movement of data between layer-1 and layer-2 by converting Bitcoin (BTC) into a corresponding value in MBTC on its second layer, thereby enabling the usage of these assets in smart contracts.

Moreover, while standard Bitcoin wallets do not typically support EVM-based dApps, Merlin Chain overcomes this limitation by allowing smooth transitions between these applications and the Merlin ecosystem. This connectivity broadens access to decentralized applications within the Bitcoin framework.

The Role of MERL Token in Merlin Chain

The MERL token is integral to the Merlin Chain, serving as the medium for interaction within its network. It supports governance, transaction processing, and voting mechanisms. The platform has issued a total of 2.1 billion MERL tokens, a portion of which is distributed as incentives to its users.

The uses of MERL tokens are multifaceted:

  • Token holders may vote on significant proposals affecting the Merlin Chain.
  • Tokens can be staked to enhance the network’s security while providing a source of passive income.
  • MERL tokens function as the transactional currency within the network.
  • Token holders are empowered to participate actively in the network’s governance, influencing its operational directions.
  • Additionally, MERL tokens can serve as collateral for obtaining loans within the network.

Benefits of Merlin Chain

Merlin Chain stands out as an advanced layer-2 solution that is compatible with EVM-based dApps. This compatibility eliminates the need for Ethereum users to switch to Bitcoin-specific wallets, facilitating transactions and interactions on the Bitcoin network using Merlin Chain.

The platform’s ability to link Bitcoin’s traditional user base with a broader ecosystem promotes innovation, enhances the network’s functionality, and offers new opportunities for its users.


Merlin Chain addresses critical scalability challenges within the Bitcoin network while empowering developers to explore and innovate within this ecosystem. By doing so, it sets a strong foundation for the future growth and evolution of Bitcoin’s capabilities. With a clear understanding of Merlin Chain’s operations and benefits, users are well-equipped to engage with this innovative layer-2 technology.

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