Keywords Studios Bolsters Gaming Portfolio with $97 Million MPG Acquisition

Keywords Studios Bolsters Gaming Portfolio with $97 Million MPG Acquisition

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Key Insights:

  • Keywords Studios’ $97M acquisition of MPG enhances its AAA multiplayer game development capabilities, promising market-leading innovations.
  • With MPG’s expertise, Keywords Studios strengthens its gaming portfolio, targeting double-digit revenue growth and a stronger industry footprint.
  • MPG’s integration under Keywords Studios marks a strategic expansion in gaming, combining seasoned leadership and cutting-edge technology for future success.

In a significant move within the gaming industry, Keywords Studios has finalized the acquisition of The Multiplayer Group Ltd (MPG), a unit previously under the SoftBank-backed Improbable. This strategic acquisition, valued at approximately £79.5 million ($97 million), represents a pivotal expansion for Keywords Studios, further cementing its position as a game and entertainment service infrastructure leader.

Leadership Continuity and Growth Aspirations

A key aspect of this acquisition is the retention of MPG’s experienced leadership team, comprising Andy Norman, Rocco Loscalzo, Vaughan O’Brien, and Roger Cheung. This continuity is crucial, as these leaders have been instrumental in MPG’s success. They will engage in a management incentive program initiated by Keywords Studios to achieve ambitious growth over the next two years. This decision underscores the acquirer’s confidence in MPG’s leadership and commitment to future growth and success.

Bertrand Bodson, the Chief Executive Officer at Keywords Studios, conveyed his enthusiasm for this fresh phase, underscoring MPG’s adeptness in crafting AAA multiplayer games and its inventive use of technology and data analytics. This acquisition strategically complements Keywords Studios, broadening its array of services and bolstering its position in the competitive gaming sector.

MPG’s Renowned Legacy and Future Prospects

Since its establishment in 2018, MPG has carved a niche in the gaming sector, boasting a diverse team of 360 professionals from over 30 countries. MPG’s expertise has been pivotal in assisting numerous entities in realizing their game development ambitions. Their impressive client list, featuring industry giants like Activision Blizzard, Zenimax, Epic, Bethesda, and 2K, showcases MPG’s significant impact and respect in gaming.

Andy Norman, MPG’s CEO, remarked on the company’s impressive growth trajectory and dedication to a sustainable, people-first culture. Integrating with Keywords Studios is anticipated to amplify MPG’s innovation in multiplayer gaming, extending its reach and influence across a more comprehensive array of clients and gaming projects.


Financial Details and Keywords Studios’ Expansion Strategy

The acquisition was financed through cash and Keywords Studios’ existing revolving credit facility. This strategic move will positively impact the company’s earnings per share in the initial year following the acquisition. 

Furthermore, Keywords Studios is targeting double-digit revenue growth in the subsequent year, highlighting the strategic significance of this acquisition in its expansion roadmap.

Keywords Studios has been actively enhancing its portfolio through strategic acquisitions, with recent investments totaling approximately £91.9 million ($100 million), as reported by CNBC. The acquisition of MPG aligns perfectly with Keywords Studios’ ambition to expand its specialized multiplayer game development capabilities, a sector witnessing growing demand, particularly in live services.

Comprehensive Expansion and Industry Impact

This acquisition diversifies Keywords Studios’ service offerings and consolidates its position as a powerhouse in multiplayer game development. The union of MPG’s established expertise and Keywords Studios’ strategic foresight is poised to unlock new opportunities and drive innovation in the gaming industry.

The gaming landscape is rapidly evolving, with a growing emphasis on multiplayer and online experiences. MPG’s integration into Keywords Studios places the latter at the forefront of this evolution, equipped with enhanced capabilities to meet the demands of modern gamers and developers alike.

Keywords Studios’ acquisition of MPG is a landmark event in the gaming industry, signaling a new era of innovation and growth. By combining MPG’s proven expertise in multiplayer game development with Keywords Studios’ expansive vision and resources, this partnership promises to deliver cutting-edge solutions and experiences in the world of gaming. 

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