C1 Eyes Strategic Acquisitions in Australia’s Crypto Sector

C1 Eyes Strategic Acquisitions in Australia’s Crypto Sector

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Key Insights:

  • C1 aims to acquire key Australian crypto firms, including Animoca Brands and Chainalysis, using a strategic $500M investment fund.
  • With Bitcoin’s value rise, C1’s investment in Australia’s crypto market aligns with the global trend of institutional interest.
  • Australia’s new crypto regulations coincide with C1’s plans, indicating a secure future for digital assets in the region.

In a significant development within the cryptocurrency landscape, C1, a crypto venture capital firm established by former Coinbase executives, is reportedly planning a major foray into Australia’s digital asset market. Leveraging a substantial $500 million fund, the firm’s strategy focuses on acquiring secondary shares in prominent Australian companies and local ventures, particularly those with valuations starting from $300 million in series C funding rounds.

Targeting High-Value Companies

Key to C1’s strategy are potential acquisitions of Animoca Brands and Chainalysis. Animoca Brands, once a publicly traded entity on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), has evolved into a privately held company valued at $7.8 billion. 

Chainalysis, another significant player in the crypto analysis space, was valued at $8.4 billion in 2022 and reportedly has around $30 million of secondary preferred shares available. C1’s approach involves offering these companies’ investors discounts of 50% to 80% on their last known valuations, with investment checks ranging from $20 million to $50 million.

Market Resurgence Fuels Investment Interest

This move aligns with the current resurgence in the crypto market. Bitcoin’s value, surpassing $44,000, has sparked optimism and attracted institutional investors like C1. The positive market sentiment is further buoyed by expectations surrounding the potential approval of a BTC spot ETF in the United States and a technical upgrade to the Bitcoin network. C1 believes these developments and the prevailing market conditions make the digital assets market particularly attractive for secondary market valuations.

Australian Regulatory Developments Coincide with C1’s Plans

Australia’s recent regulatory changes in the crypto space coincide with C1’s investment interests. In the aftermath of the FTX collapse, the Australian government has been proactive in implementing new measures to safeguard consumer interests in the digital currency space. These include a proposed regulatory regime for digital asset platforms requiring operational licenses by 2025. The tax guidelines have also been revised, extending the capital gains tax to include wrapped tokens. Additionally, the decision to defer the introduction of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) for several more years is part of these comprehensive regulatory initiatives.


Despite these reports, C1’s senior executive, Dr. Najam Kidwai, has clarified the firm’s current position. He stated that the venture capital firm had not authorized the publication of any articles regarding their acquisition plans and had not directly met with any companies mentioned for potential acquisitions. This statement provides a contrasting perspective to the ongoing discussions and speculations in the market about C1’s investment strategies.

Understanding C1’s Investment Philosophy

C1’s crypto investments approach reflects a broader trend where venture capital firms are increasingly interested in the secondary market. The firm’s focus on established companies with substantial valuations indicates a strategic shift from early-stage investments to more mature ventures. This shift is a response to the evolving nature of the cryptocurrency market, where stability and long-term potential become key factors for investors.

C1’s interest in the Australian market is a significant indicator of the growing global relevance of cryptocurrencies. Australia’s evolving regulatory framework presents a unique environment for crypto ventures, where regulatory clarity could lead to more secure and stable market conditions. For Australian crypto companies, this could mean an influx of capital and an opportunity to expand their influence and operations in the global market.

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