Crypto Landscape Faces Changes and Legal Challenges

Crypto Landscape Faces Changes and Legal Challenges

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Key Insights:

  • Genesis, under DCG, retreats from crypto trading amid internal challenges.
  • Coinbase’s CEO stands firm, advocating for more explicit DeFi regulations.
  • Singapore’s MAS imposes a nine-year ban on Three Arrows Capital founders.

Genesis Steps Back Amidst DCG’s Controversies

Digital Currency Group (DCG) subsidiary Genesis decided to wind down its crypto trading services, effective September 14. This decision originates from the British Virgin Islands unit of the company and closely follows another strategic move within the DCG conglomerate. Genesis Global Trading, another DCG affiliate, has confirmed its withdrawal from crypto spot trading services, set to commence on September 18. Both entities have attributed “business reasons” to their decisions’ primary motivation.

The backdrop to these decisions is essential for context. DCG entities have found themselves under intensified media scrutiny since the onset of the crypto winter in 2022. The blame is shifting towards Three Arrows Capital, a now-bankrupt hedge fund managed by Kyle Davies and Su Zhu. The challenges faced by FTX further exacerbated the situation. Amid these setbacks, DCG’s Grayscale Investments emerged as a beacon, edging closer to securing a spot in the Bitcoin exchange-traded fund market.

Coinbase CEO’s DeFi Defense Amidst Regulatory Tensions


Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, has consistently defended decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. In a recent post on X, previously known as Twitter, he highlighted that DeFi platforms do not operate like traditional financial service businesses. This viewpoint suggests that there might be better frameworks for regulating these entities than the Commodity Exchange Act.

Armstrong’s remarks come during a time of regulatory tension. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) recently took enforcement action against three DeFi platforms, accusing them of enabling unauthorized cryptocurrency derivative trades. CFTC Commissioner Summer Mersinger further emphasized the significance of transparent regulations for DeFi, cautioning against hasty punitive actions. She believes that without definitive guidelines, the future of DeFi remains uncertain.

Monetary Authority of Singapore Takes Action Against Three Arrows Capital Founders

Singapore’s central bank, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), has taken definitive action against crypto hedge fund founders Kyle Davies and Su Zhu. Imposing a stringent nine-year prohibition, the MAS has restricted both from participating in regulated activities starting September 13.

This prohibition prevents them from holding management, directorship, or substantial shareholder positions in Singapore’s capital market services entities.

MAS’s decision is based on further discoveries of securities law violations connected to the now-insolvent 3AC. The previous year’s market crash, initiated by the Terra ecosystem’s collapse, revealed 3AC’s vulnerabilities, culminating in billions in loan defaults. Before its insolvency, the MAS had already flagged 3AC for several regulatory missteps.

With its rapid developments and continuous shifts, the crypto sector remains a focal point of operational and legal discussions. Players like Genesis are re-assessing their market positions, while regulatory bodies globally are heightening their oversight. The convergence of these events underscores the industry’s need for clear guidelines and strategic adaptability.

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