Understanding Gala Games and Its Impact on Blockchain Gaming

Understanding Gala Games and Its Impact on Blockchain Gaming

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Blockchain technology has introduced a transformative approach to the gaming sector. The emergence of games built on blockchain has altered the traditional dynamics of online gaming, enabling players to earn and possess their in-game items. Among the leading initiatives propelling the GameFi sector forward is Gala Games.

Gala Games features a blockchain-based game suite that rewards players with cryptocurrencies and NFTs. This guide aims to delve into Gala Games, shedding light on its mechanics and contributions to the gaming landscape.

Gala Games (GALA) Defined

Gala Games represents an ecosystem of decentralized games built on blockchain technology, allowing players to engage in gameplay, earn rewards, stake, and trade assets. It emerged with the intention of transforming the conventional gaming model. Unlike traditional gaming experiences that restrict players to gameplay alone, Gala Games empowers players with control over their gaming assets through blockchain technology.

Once dominated by major development companies, the gaming industry has seen a paradigm shift with the introduction of blockchain, characterized by its decentralization and genuine asset ownership.

Eric Schiermeyer, the founder of Gala Games, has expressed his belief that blockchain represents the next evolution of the internet, impacting all digital entities. His conviction in the potential of blockchain to reshape the internet landscape led to the creation of Gala Games.


The Evolution and Expansion of Gala Games

Eric Schiermeyer, a notable figure in the gaming world and co-founder of the social gaming powerhouse Zynga, is the visionary behind Gala Games. His passion for gaming, coupled with his interest in blockchain technology, culminated in establishing Gala Games.

Launched in 2019, Gala Games quickly became a pioneer among blockchain gaming platforms. During the peak of the NFT and blockchain gaming craze in the 2021 crypto bull market, Gala Games experienced a remarkable surge, growing by over 321% in a single week in November. Over the years, its popularity and user base have steadily increased, cultivating a dedicated community of gamers.

Approximately five years post-launch, Gala Games boasts over 1.3 million monthly active users and a collection of 26,000 NFTs, supported by a team of more than 90 individuals, according to the Gala website. The platform has attracted players, developers, and creators, further fueling its growth and widespread acceptance.

How Gala Games Operate

Leveraging the capabilities of blockchain technology, Gala Games transfers the full ownership of gaming experiences and assets to its players, enabling them to earn rewards and monetize their gameplay. The primary aim of Gala Games is to deliver a deep and engaging gaming experience, immersing players in a genuine world of entertainment. The platform caters equally to all players, from novices to seasoned gamers.

Unlike conventional gaming models, Gala Games grants players full control over their in-game assets and rewards. For instance, acquiring an in-game item as a reward from victories in Gala games means you possess complete ownership of that asset. This differs from traditional gaming rewards because any in-game asset on Gala Games is blockchain-based, thus ensuring genuine ownership.

A standout characteristic of Gala Games, distinguishing it from other blockchain gaming platforms, is its reliance on a player-owned Node Ecosystem. This is akin to the decentralized and secure operation of Bitcoin, facilitated by nodes worldwide. As of 2024, the Gala Games network is supported by approximately 16,000 player-operated nodes globally.

This decentralized structure allows for gameplay on Gala Games and empowers players to influence the platform’s future direction. Community members have the authority to engage in governance decisions, including selecting new games for the platform.

GALA: Gala Games’ Native Cryptocurrency

GALA, the proprietary token of the Gala Games ecosystem, operates on the Ethereum blockchain, adhering to the ERC-20 token standard. This token plays multiple roles within its ecosystem, from granting governance rights to facilitating in-game transactions.

Holders of the GALA token are empowered to partake in the governance of the Gala ecosystem, casting votes on crucial proposals concerning the platform’s evolution. This enhances the community-driven nature of Gala Games, promoting a decentralized framework with a wide-ranging participant base. Moreover, GALA tokens enable the purchasing, selling, or trading in-game assets within its marketplace.

In February 2024, Gala Games introduced GalaSwap, a decentralized exchange that provides users token rewards and referral benefits. This has attracted significant interest from players and investors, as seen in the notable appreciation in GALA token value. GALA tokens are accessible for trading on leading cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Bybit, OKX, and KuCoin.


Gala Games operates as a collective of player-operated nodes, ensuring the network’s security, transparency, and ongoing development. It enriches the gaming experience by offering true ownership of in-game assets and rewards to its players. Through its innovative approach, Gala Games significantly contributes to transforming the gaming industry.

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