TEN Secures $9M for Encryption-Focused Ethereum Layer 2 Network

TEN Secures $9M for Encryption-Focused Ethereum Layer 2 Network

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Key Insights:

  • TEN, focusing on encryption, raises $9M from R3 and others to enhance Ethereum’s Layer 2 scalability and privacy features.
  • With new funding, TEN plans team expansion and development, eyeing a June token launch and October mainnet rollout.
  • R3 consortium leads TEN’s funding round, signaling strong interest from traditional finance in Ethereum’s Layer 2 innovation potential.

TEN, an Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) network emphasizing encryption, has successfully secured $9 million in a recent funding round. The R3 consortium, known for its collaborative exploration of blockchain technology, led the round with contributions from entities such as KuCoin, Republic Crypto, Big Brain Capital, Magnus Capital, and DWF Labs. This financial support marks a crucial step in TEN’s development, reflecting a broad interest in its approach to enhancing Ethereum’s scalability and privacy.

Diverse Investment Reflects Broad Interest

The funding round, organized in three parts, signifies the market’s confidence in TEN’s potential to address some of the pressing challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem. R3’s leadership in this round points to a growing overlap between the realms of traditional finance and blockchain innovation. The varied group of investors participating in this round highlights the wide-ranging applications and impact that TEN’s technology aims to have on the L2 landscape.

With this funding, TEN plans to expand its team beyond the current 13 members. A significant portion of the team has prior experience at R3, indicating a deep alignment between TEN’s technological goals and R3’s interests in blockchain applications. This team expansion is vital as TEN prepares for the launch of its governance token in June and its mainnet in October, which are steps that are fundamental to its strategy of promoting participation and decentralization from the outset.

This investment in TEN occurs amidst a broader trend of innovation and investment within the Ethereum L2 ecosystem. Other platforms like Eclipse Labs and Ether.Fi has also secured significant funding recently, showcasing the strong interest in scalable, efficient blockchain solutions. These investments indicate the potential of platforms like TEN and the crucial role of L2 solutions in enhancing Ethereum’s scalability and reducing transaction costs.

TEN’s Unique Approach to L2 Solutions

TEN differentiates itself in the L2 space with its focus on encryption and privacy, offering developers control over their smart contracts’ visibility. This feature aims to fill a gap in current L2 offerings, potentially expanding blockchain applications in areas such as gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi), and institutional use cases.


Advancements in L2 technologies, as represented by TEN and similar platforms, have significant implications for the blockchain ecosystem. By offering solutions that address scalability, cost, and privacy concerns, L2 platforms are enhancing the Ethereum network and setting new standards for blockchain innovation. This progress is key to increasing the adoption and practical application of blockchain technology across various sectors.

TEN’s Role in the Evolution of Ethereum

As TEN progresses with its development roadmap, the Ethereum community is keenly observing. The successful funding round, led by R3 and supported by a diverse group of investors, provides TEN with the necessary resources to realize its objectives. The upcoming token launch and mainnet debut are not only crucial milestones for TEN but also for the Ethereum L2 ecosystem as a whole. With its focus on encryption and privacy, TEN aims to introduce new dynamics in blockchain technology, contributing to the ongoing development of the Ethereum platform.

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