Paradigm Challenges SEC’s Overreach in Binance Lawsuit

Paradigm Challenges SEC’s Overreach in Binance Lawsuit

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Key Insights:

  • Paradigm files amicus brief, accusing SEC of overstepping boundaries in the Binance case.
  • Debate centers on the SEC’s interpretation of “investment contracts” in the crypto realm.
  • Calls intensify for updated regulations, with the Howey Test deemed outdated for today’s crypto industry.

The crypto research company Paradigm, based in San Francisco, has voiced its support for Binance amidst its current legal dispute with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Paradigm alleges that the SEC has exceeded its regulatory limits in their latest amicus brief.

The SEC’s Controversial Stance on Investment Contracts

The SEC’s lawsuit, initiated in June, alleges that Binance, its US affiliate Binance.US, and CEO Changpeng “CZ” Chao operated unlicensed exchanges and broker-dealers, among other charges. However, Paradigm’s contention is apparent: the SEC is attempting to rewrite the rules. The research firm argues that the SEC’s desire to label certain assets as “investment contracts” without a formal contract is misguided. Moreover, Paradigm points to case law that emphasizes the need for a contractual promise of future asset appreciation.

Paradigm asserts that the SEC’s stance is untenable in the realm of cryptocurrencies. The firm argues that many crypto assets, especially those sold on secondary markets, lack a direct link between the issuer and the investor. Hence, they cannot be seen as investment contracts.

Additionally, Paradigm warns of the broader implications of the SEC’s approach. If the SEC wins against Binance, it could categorize assets like gold, silver, and artworks as investment contracts. People buy these assets hoping for price appreciation, but they aren’t traditionally viewed as investment contracts. Paradigm emphasizes that merely hoping an asset increases in value doesn’t equate to a common enterprise, a crucial component of an investment contract.

Calls for Clearer Crypto Regulations

Paradigm’s critique doesn’t stop at the SEC’s interpretation of investment contracts. The firm also highlights the outdated nature of the Howey Test, a 77-year-old legal benchmark the SEC relies on. Paradigm believes this test needs more nuance for the diverse crypto industry. Consequently, the firm calls for apparent congressional intervention to provide the clarity the sector desperately needs.


Furthermore, the crypto research firm isn’t alone in its sentiments. Circle, another major player, has also voiced concerns. Circle’s primary argument revolves around stablecoins like Binance USD (BUSD) and USDC. They believe these shouldn’t be labeled as securities since buyers don’t expect profits.

Paradigm’s stance is clear and firm. Despite having no financial ties to Binance, the company stands against governmental overreach. The SEC’s broader aim is asserting control over cryptocurrency secondary markets, which has drawn criticism from various sectors. Even SEC Chair Gary Gensler admits to the regulatory gaps in this area.

Paradigm’s amicus brief raises vital points about the SEC’s approach. The firm disputes the SEC’s “investment contract” definition and calls for more explicit regulations. Paradigm’s intervention underscores the need for a balanced and informed approach to crypto regulations, one that respects both innovation and the rule of law.

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